Earn Funzz Rewards

Funzz Rewards are expressions of gratitude that we give to our awesome community of users. You can earn these rewards by doing things like uploading videos, liking videos, and leaving comments.

To help you earn more rewards, we've come up with some easy ways to achieve your goals. These include uploading more videos, liking more videos, and leaving more comments. By doing these things, you can earn maximum benefits and more Funzz Rewards.

earn rewards with funzz

Earn rewards from post a videos, like and leaving comments on other videos

  • For getting like reward, you must like a 100 videos.

  • For getting comment reward, add a minimum of 10 comments on other videos.

  • For getting post reward, you must complete the post task i.e., post 5 videos in day.

  • When you are completed the daily tasks, you can claim the Dope Coins through scratch card in reward section.

  • When you click claim button after 8:00 PM or before 11:59 PM in reward section for earn the coins, you will earn coins from lucky scratch card.

  • After you are coins earned from the scratch card, those coins are added in Dope Coins in the wallet section.

  • Note: Your daily progress will reset at 11:59 PM every day. You should scratch the card and unlock your coins for the completed tasks achieved before 11:59 PM daily

Frequently Asked Questions

After completing the daily task, you can claim the coins from scratch card Then, you will earn coins in however in that scratch card and earned coins are added to your Dope Coin in wallet section.more

You can cash out the Dope Coins by clicking on Redeem button, after clicked you will see the 'Funzz Redeem Card' with full details of the redeem amount and earned coins.

Yes, you must earn at least 10k Dope coins and redeem them within 30 days, otherwise the coins will expire.

You can view your earned balance in Daily Rewards section.

You will need to install Funzz android app on Google Play Store and sign-up the account. If you already have an account with Funzz, you can directly login using your account on Funzz app. Once signed up or logged in, you would be eligible to earn rewards.

Yes, you must earn a minimum of 500 Dope coins, and they should be redeemed within 30 days, or they will expire.

You can receive a money to your bank accounts, UPI or paypal id.

You will receive the cashed-out rewarded coins within 14 working days(sometime even more), transferred to your given UPI or other payment method.